Dream 1,525: waffle iron operated by a kid…

I dreamt that I was watching over a kids around breakfast time in a fast food black making pork waffles while a coworker rages canned soup with some locking pliers.

Dream 1,524: lazy sandwich.

Breakfast. It was good. No dreams…

Dream 1,523: Grand tour.

I dreamt that I was in a animation studio college that also produced film. I was following a guy who had just started work on a new series and he was giving a tour of the place. It was large, weird, and I started to yell at people for ordering lobster at the end of it.

Dream 1,522: never know why for these things.

I dreamt that I was an undercover agent sent to kidnap a princess of a nation while she was attending university.

Dream 1,521: Hanging with the Zoe.

I dreamt that I was at my grandmothers house with my girlfriends dog Zoe. The house had turned into a small town with one building in particular leaping up in the air after spitting me and advancing onto my location. It was easy to avoid to no worries there…

Dream 1,520: It was a dorky theme park too.

I dreamt that I was trying to remove dark eel like spirits out of this woman’s wealthy collection inside of a coin based theme park. They were fast and giving me a lot of trouble.

Dream 1,519: then there weird stuff with a mountain bike.

I dreamt that I was watching a low quality video being made about a biker living in a house and an evil biker trying to take away his house because he wants to be bad.

Dream 1,518: wasted…

Waking up to read a comic. I killed my memory.

Dream 1,517: Maybe we”ll take it easy from now on.

I dreamt that I was going with a class to visit a sick mans place of work. A lot of water guns…

Dream 1,516: I felt sorry for them.

I dreamt that I was a super hero who was shopping around for college stuff when I noticed how bad the super villains stuff it.