Dream 1,503: it was too big in the end.

I dreamt that I was ordering food while I was a wanted fugitive so I had to sneak around a cafeteria and order a hoagie.

Dream 1,502: then it turned into a water ride.

I dreamt that I was going on a ride that I’ve been wanting to go on in years. It started out as a heavy metal themed steel roller coaster with a logo of a bull and ended up as a wooden train with wooden tracks.

Dream 1,501: Ditching my boat responsibility.

I dreamt that I was on the beach as a pod of killer whales came close and started to stir up the ocean. After they had left I got a job driving a boat and my first costumer decided to get a job so that she could help me. Then, as I drove there on my bike, I put it on the boat with her help and I ditched her to wander around eventually meeting a guy on a caterpillar treaded scooter thing that could climb stairs. He wasn’t impressed that I ditched work but I stuck around with him anyway. Then I wandered around a gymnasium of his school that he worked at. I later went back to the boat and helped the girl with the driving.

Dream 1,500: she wanted to be my best friend.

I dreamt that I gave a deaf girl vol. 53 of one of my real life comic series ( actually) in the 50s). And she kept it. This wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t live in the past on another planet. I was stuck because I couldn’t leave any thing there.

Dream 1,499: going to an island.

I dreamt that Paul and I were preparing to travel to Japan for a while and we were too focused on the packing part of the trip.

Dream 1,498: there was a triple rainbow.

I dreamt that I was driving through a storm on my way to help my mother who was out with my sister because they were on vacation.

Dream 1,497: then I ran over someone.

I dreamt that I was on a school trip and we were dealt playing cards with abilities on them. When we activated them during our turn, we got that ability.

Dream 1,496: then my mom called me as he was yelling at me in my dream

I dreamt that I had super powers but in spite of that I didn’t use them for anything useful and everyone was mad at me.

Dream 1,495: what are they even?…

I dreamt that I had to help out with everyone’s day off because they were going to spend it outside with family.

Dream 1,494: a little overthought.

I dreamt that I was at a party trying to entertain guests by having them compete in various games and having them find and collect stuff that was methodically placed there prior to the party.