Dream 1,455: this was both creepy and amazing.

I dreamt that I was in a classic laser tag arcade birthday place but all of their stuff hadn’t changed over the years.

Dream 1,454: two this week, ugh my body…

Another all nighter…

Dream 1,453: He might have been dead.

I dreamt that I was driving to my friend Paul’s house with Sara, Rachel, and Dave. Dave was driving through the rain along a road filled with potholes. He wasn’t trying to avoid them, so I had to take the wheel from him and I drove the rest of the way. When we arrived at Paul’s house, we found that it was flooded with poison.

Dream 1,452: Freakin racist, rich kid bullies.

I dreamt that I was in the city going to an art convention. Afterwards when I had finished, I went to the main building of the university I attended. It was the mid-sixties; I should have mentioned that earlier but, whatever. I was hanging out with my friend who was Christian Slater as he appeared in the movie “Heathers.” We had one thing in common; we hated the racist, rich kid bullies who would pick on the freshman and the black students. Then we fought some the racist, rich kid bullies.

Dream 1,451: one giant puzzle.

I dreamt that a supercomputer was altering the reality of my world and I had to team up with my friends to stop its madness and restore everything back to original state.

Dream 1,450: delicious breakfast.

I ate breakfast and forgot.

Dream 1,449: it was important because…uh…

I dreamt that I was was ease dropping onto a mafias conversation on an unfinished bridge while my partner retrieved a baby doll from their engine.

Dream 1,448: lucky me I guess.

I dreamt that I was working in a shady city escorting people home on bike. I lost my bike halfway, but my boss was understanding of it.

Dream 1,447: the manager was an old, asshole, Outback Steakhouse fanboy.

I dreamt that I had to get a job at the Outback Steakhouse for some reason. A lot of my old coworkers worked there as well. They made me a waiter without training me and I got a very pissed off woman who refused to repeat her order when I went to get something to write down her order. Then I got mad and left.

Dream 1,446: he was a slug.

I dreamt that an alien super mind was trying to take over earth but somehow I stopped him with teamwork and messing with him.