Dream 1,553: I needed to get my homework.

I dreamt that I was print pulled through this derelict spaceship with a cleaning lady because she was busy cleaning and she was stuck.

Dream 1,552: Sara and the tournament.

I dreamt that I was playing a older video game in a tournament. It came down to me and another player who knew the game better than I did and was very confident about winning. When the game ended and the results screen came up he was flabbergasted when I won by a lot. He was very upset but Sara wasn’t surprised.

Dream 1,551: is it because I had pancakes for dinner last night?

I dreamt that I was in a Kirbyesque world and I beat it but then I accessed a collection star thing where I had to get cosmic squids and coins.

Dream 1,550: future energy.

I dreamt that I was in the future trying to create a new type of energy from this type of cell or other energy that would revolutionize something. I was ice king in the future so nothing was really right in my mind at the time.

Dream 1,549: stupid space creatures…

I dreamt that I was in space and I was breeding these common creatures for science. Unfortunately it got in the way of my social life when the creatures wouldn’t do anything like eat or drink without me.

Dream 1,548: also he beats up bad teachers.

I dreamt that I was someone who traveled around to help school districts about bad teaching and how everyone can be a good teacher.

Dream 1,547: I don’t have any homework either…

Totally stayed up all night not losing my mind or anything…

Dream 1,546: we broadcasted old Nicktoon shows.

I dreamt that I worked on an airplane that was carrying a tv crew and working from inside the plane because that was there new location. I had someone fix a light outside and as a result the plane was filled with water. Everyone got used to it and we went back to work.

Dream 1,545: the internet was only in black and white then…

I dreamt that I was helping Amelia Airheart sell her books so that she could help this small grocery store that she used to work in during her teen years.

Dream 1,544: space space.

I dreamt that I was drifting in space watching my clock slowly tick towards when my alarm is supposed to go off. A girl asks me a science question and I reply, “I’m not a scientist.” And I pull up my covers to hide from her.