Dream 1,533: with dumb crap littered everywhere…

I dreamt that I was re-watching an old 90s show that, although very stupid, had some very amazing cinematography.

Dream 1,532: I could find the good stuff.

I dreamt that I was trying to make up for a checkered past by being a personal shopper for the elderly. It was hard because all of the older police in the area were crooked so I had trouble finding clients.

Dream 1,531: you decide…

Woke up observing my alarm clock until it went off. Or I just woke up and looked at it for a minute.

Dream 1,530: I was like KITT, but me. So kinda lame.

I dreamt that after a failed attempt to steal wood from a man in a storm to end all storms, I connect my mind to Sara’s car and assist her in getting stuff for the storm.

Dream 1,529: Buying is like a drug…

I dreamt that I got into a situation where I was the person with the money when I didn’t have any money. No good feelings came from it.

Dream 1,528: 冷たい緑

I dreamt that I was a lego version of the Hulk and I was locked outside of a hotel in the middle of a blizzard and I had to try to stay in Hulk form to withstand the cold. If I turned back into a human I would have died.

Dream 1,527: it was a platformer too.

I dreamt that I was in some weird 3d game where everyone was a rag doll.

Dream 1,526: The power of the 1%.

I dreamt that I was Tony Stark and I was concerned about something related to school and the acquisition of just facts and foreclosures. Then I remembered that I had the power of being rich and my worries went away.

Dream 1,525: waffle iron operated by a kid…

I dreamt that I was watching over a kids around breakfast time in a fast food black making pork waffles while a coworker rages canned soup with some locking pliers.

Dream 1,524: lazy sandwich.

Breakfast. It was good. No dreams…