Dream 1,463: homework all night.

No question about it. I’m going to die before this semester is finished.

Dream 1,462: they wee very mad at me.

I dreamt that I was trying to sabotages team who was attacking a small city.

Dream 1,461: Again, no idea what I was after.

I dreamt they I was sneaking through a school trying to steal key items as the gym teacher and lunch lady kept giving me directions through radio.

Dream 1,460: it was some good homework (lies)

Woke up early and did some homework.

Dream 1,459: this isn’t a dream, this stuff happens in normal life usually.

I dreamt that I was having multiple classes where everything I did was either late or unfinished and I had to deal with students trying to legitimize their laziness by overhyping it.

Dream 1,458: so we had to escape in the van.

I dreamt that I was in a pos apocalyptic world trying to recruit a female doctor but she kidnapped one of our men and ate a mob after us.

Dream 1,457: it was almost a nostalgia dream…

I dreamt that I was working at my old bookstore again. I helped a customer with an order before she asked me about it . And I could augment my body with magic to increase my age and physical appearance.

Dream 1,456: I had to swim as a tomato.

I dreamt that I was on the wizard swim team at my school and I had to swim while casting different spells on myself and dealing with the school drama.

Dream 1,455: this was both creepy and amazing.

I dreamt that I was in a classic laser tag arcade birthday place but all of their stuff hadn’t changed over the years.

Dream 1,454: two this week, ugh my body…

Another all nighter…