Dream 1,471: so very neat.

I dreamt that I was playing the new smash Bros game and they would play a cinematic when you play a level. I was thrown into and ice cave that went down to as spider hippie lair who gave you stuff. Then I had to walk out with the leaving ballerinas because their shift was over and I set off to my hotel to street pass (I don’t have a 3ds) and head home. Then I woke up withy right arm numb and not working. That was neat.

Dream 1,470: I’ve some headway with some secret agents help.

I dreamt that I was trying to infiltrate a corporate tower for an interview when a financial merger locked made itself lock down. I then had to try to lie my way in that completely failed.

Dream 1,469: it was a weird visual.

I dreamt that I was in a factory where dice roles decided who you had a relationship with that was set on elevated tiers.

Dream 1,468: woke up believing her.

I dreamt that I was fighting a steamer type Mario boss monster while my friend Jess was telling me why it’s good to steam your legs and back.

Dream 1,467: I guess she was…

I dreamt that I was helping a little girl with her serial killings because she was very convincing…

Dream 1,466: about tine…

I dreamt that my friends who worked at a sword company were designing a lightning proof set of swords and knives.

Dream 1,465: most of us had beards.

I dreamt that I was a part of a rouge gorilla group that had just recently been betrayed by its government and we were in the beginnings of planning of our revenge.

Dream 1,464: pedegg fish.

I dreamt that I was trying to make a documentary about fish and dogs while attending a private university.

Dream 1,463: then I traveled on a plane…

I dreamt that I was trying to kill off an evil wizard king despite the fact of being a servant of his citadel castle.

Dream 1,462: is it because I spent literally 24 hours flying home from Europe?

I dreamt that I was in a bunch of modern airports traveling from place to place.